Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Off the island...

My usual post is delayed as I have been off the island for a few days and travelling has interrupted my routine! This week's post will be brief as well as late.

The School Suspension Intervention Programme has been quieter recently, partly as a result of the time of year and partly as the troubles have slowed the movement of students around the city. June means school exams with many students involved in the national and Caribbean standardised exams. As these exams determine the future of the young people taking them they are very important. It is the culimnation of two years study and the determinant of future opportunities. The disruptions and troubles made it difficult for many students though their detemination and resiliency served them well.

The work within the schools is increasing and the Ministry and Child Development Agency have provided trauma sensitisation for many to assist the students. It has been enjoyable to work with groups of fifteen instead of fifty and there is a more relaxed atmosphere as the school year is winding down. Much of our energy has been directed toward planning the summer camp programme, writing letters to potential sponsors and donors and submittng proposals for funding. The programme will run from the Eastern Peace Centre which is a great space at the junction of three communities in the east of the city - pictures to follow!

My off-island trip has taken me to Washington to meet with the Global Implementation Planning Committee to participate in the choosing of a location for the conference in 2011. The dates are now determined and the location confirmed so the pressure is on! It is a great group of people to work with and it has been wonderful to spend time talking about how we can ensure the conference promotes effective implementation and supports ongoing implementation research.

Back to Kingston today with more in the next blog about how things are there and the adventures of this trip...

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